Thomas Dean

A Thomas Dean dress shirt neckband ensures a crisp tailored appearance, even when the tie comes off. This tailored detail is both timeless and masculine. Thomas Dean seams are sewn using single needle stitching for a sharp, clean finish with added strength.Every Thomas Dean & Co. shirt employs cross-stitched buttons. This anchors the button so it remains securely attached. Stacked buttons ensure quality and durability. Nobody does it better. Thomas Dean & Co. uses a select multi-process finish that strengthens the fabric, keeps it looking fresh all day, and makes the fabric easy to care for. Business travelers appreciate a crisp, creaseless look with a light iron or steam. Their patterned shirts are constructed with fully matched plackets on the front of the shirt and shirt cuffs. Typically found on custom-made shirts, this feature ensures fabric pattern consistency. We also take the time to hand match the shoulder and side seams, thus preserving the pattern throughout.
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